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“AWS Prime Property has become the go-to buying agent for international private clients looking to buy homes or investment real estate in London.” 
Alex Woodleigh-Smith

AWS Prime Property provides you with a tenacious, client focussed, trusted advisor & expert on the ground in London whether you are based in or relocating anywhere from Hong Kong, Dubai or New York and are searching for property in London.

Finding the right property in London is a notoriously complex and time-consuming task. AWS Prime Property simplifies this process. We gain access to otherwise inaccessible properties and maximise the probability of finding an ideal property in the perfect location.

With our comprehensive real estate knowledge and understanding of the London property market, AWS Prime is an experienced negotiator to advise and act on your behalf.  

AWS Prime Property’s clients gain in many ways: 

  1. AWS will help you establish a list of key search criteria to identify the London areas as well as the square foot, style and periods of property that best reflect your requirements
  2. Our experts are abreast of all nuances and intricacies of the local property market from historic sales, historic architecture to the best Investment property
  3. Online listings aren’t always what they seem and if they are, won’t remain available long. Can you move quickly enough? AWS Prime property has abundant experience in client acquisitions 
  4. AWS Prime scours the marketplace using our private resources and market intelligence to uncover the best on and off-market properties, streamlining the search process so that you only need to decide between the finest of listings 
  5. AWS Prime Property’s professionalism, tenacity and integrity within the London property industry gives weight to our negotiations, making our clients the preferred buyer and maximising the probability of us winning competitive bids

 Tenacity, communication and integrity are what sets AWS Prime Property apart. 

“AWS Prime Property is a secret weapon for anyone looking for a property in Prime London. He is thorough to a fault, AWS takes all aspects of the purchase process in their stride.” 
Jeorg Klasmeyer, Volpi Capital LLP

AWS Prime Property alleviates the administrative burden of the property purchase process and smooths the path to completion, putting you in the very best position to acquire a London home.

Points to consider:

  • Understanding your budget is pivotal, these include but are not limited to: stamp duty, legal fees and removal costs
  • Tax implications: It is wise to seek early advice about investments and tax planning to ensure you make the most informed decisions
  • If there are members of your family without British citizenship it’s important to explore your options as early as possible, making sure you get the necessary paperwork in place

“AWS Prime Property’s knowledge of the market and the parties involved, the experience, tenacity and integrity are second to none. AWS Prime Property managed our entire property search very smoothly and allowed us to successfully complete a transaction within a compressed timeline.”  
Lorenzo Bianchi, KKR

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